None Such Strawberries – Two Ways

None Such Farm sign

None Such Farm owns and operates our local Farmer’s Market just down the road in Buckingham. Although the Market is a full service market with meat, deli, garden and gourmet food departments, I like to go for the locally grown crops.  Their corn is famous with people coming out from Philadelphia just to get a dozen fresh ears.  So yesterday, where we returning from our trip to Lenny’s Hot Dogs, and I saw the sign that None Such had Local Strawberries, I knew we would have to come back and try them out.  Today’s post is about those strawberries and how we used them two different ways.

Strawberry Daiquiri

The first way, cause I got our priorities right, LOL was to make Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris.  To make the daiquiris, I poured Bacardi Rum, Lime Juice, Strawberries and Ice Cubes into the blender.  I used a 2-1-6 ratio of rum, juice and berries, I also tossed in 3 packets of  Splenda to sweeten instead of sugar, that diabetes thing and I get a great deal on the Splenda from work. I sent the mixture for a spin until a wonderful red slush was created.  I poured the drink into our glasses and garnished with a strawberry.   Backyard DaiquiriThe drink was a little tart as I had under estimated the sweetness of strawberries so we just added some more Splenda and stirred. After that they were perfect. Even with the extra Splenda, the daiquiri were a little tart but it was nicely over coming the rum taste making this a very sneaky drink, if we didn’t watch it.  The strawberry flavour was there but not sweet.  The crushed ice gave me a summer feel and nice contrast to the warmth of the day.  A very nice use of these local strawberries.

It was a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon with the Phillies on the TV winning, and the daiquiri went down smoothly, I updated the Facebook page and we started to prepare the second way we were going to use these local strawberries.

When I was a kid growing up in New Brunswick, Canada, my Mom and Dad would take me every June to Elmsville for their Annual Strawberry Supper.  The Strawberry Supper was put on each year as a fundraiser by the local women’s group and it would feature either a choice of full blown Ham or Turkey dinner for like $3.  It was basically all-you-could-eat of this home cooked meal for little money.  It always seem to me that there was a competition between the women on who’s dish was the best but I always got to win cause the food was so good.  The highlight of the Supper was the dessert, Homemade Wild Strawberry Shortcake.  The strawberries grew wild in Elmsville and the Women’s Group would pick for a week to get enough for the Supper.  The strawberries were those small sized berries that were amazingly sweet and had a strong strawberry flavour not those mutated huge flavourless berries you find in the mega-marts.  My dad grew strawberries at our home in Pennfield but the ones in Elmsville were ripe always a couple weeks ahead of his.  He didn’t seem to care.  I always loved that Supper. Strawberry Shortcakes - 4 ways

 To celebrate the arrival of the local strawberries, we made Strawberry Shortcakes four different ways.  We had two different cakes; Biscuit and Sponge cake and two different strawberry mixtures; Sliced and Mashed.  The mashed strawberries created their own sauce but for the sliced strawberries I added Grand Marnier.  I have always loved the combo of strawberries and Grand Marnier, so it works for me.  All versions got the whipped cream with Splenda that Donna made. So depending upon your taste you could chose the shortcake you like the best.  All of them accented the berries so which one would you chose?  Use the Reply box or they Comment link below to tell us which option you would go for.

So we used the strawberries at least two different ways.  The local crops are starting to show up so we are in for a good next few months.  Let me know what I should try and what I should write about.

None Such Farm Market, Rt 263 – 4458 York Rd., Buckingham, PA, 18912      215-794-5201


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