Is There a Dog in There?

Dilly's Narrow SignAfter yesterday’s disappointing experience at Lenny’s Hot Dog, we went back to an old favourite to get a good dog.  We went back to Dilly’s Corner. We have been going to Dilly’s since we got to the USA and always had good food there.  Our last visit confirmed their Dilly’s Burger as being a Best in Bucks – Top 5 Burger.

Dilly's Menu

Dilly’s offers two dogs; the regular hot dog and the Dilly’s Dog from the extensive menu.  The regular dog can come with Kraut, Chili, and/or cheese. The Dilly Dog is a 1/4 pound dog with fried onions, peppers and potatoes on a toasted torpedo roll.

I went for the Regular Dog with Chili and Cheese.

062It was a great dog.  The steamed bun held a normal sized dog covered in Sweet Chili sauce and processed cheese. Normally Processed Cheese is something to be avoided but it was working here. The first bite revealed the snap of the wiener casing and taste of the grilled flesh. I know, Steamed Bun and Grilled Dog, what’s going on. Come to find out they have one of those rolling grills for the dogs so they steam the buns cause they don’t fit on the rolling grill.  Go figure but it works. Definitely a success and when coupled with the Pink Lemonade heaven on a hot afternoon.Dilly Dog

 The Dilly Dog is the featured hot dog at Dilly’s Corner.  The 1/4 pound weiner is covered in Fried Onions, Fried Peppers and French Fries.  The onions, peppers and fries cover the dog and bun I wondered if there was a dog in there. The Dilly Dog is a meal in itself.  There must be half a medium-sized onion sauteed in big chunks. The Onions are seasoned and lightly sauteed making them el dente and slightly sweet.  There is also a half a pepper slightly sauteed here as well.  The saute made the Peppers have an almost sweet pickle taste while maintaining a crunch.  A handful of Dilly’s French Fries was sprinkled through out the onion-pepper mixture. It takes a while to eat thru the onions, pepper and fries to get to the dog but the grilled wiener is there.  I was a little surprised when they gave me a fork and knife with the order but I could see why once I started to eat.  When I got to the wiener,  I found it to be slightly spiced but well grilled.  I usually want a snap to my dog but I was satisfied with the nice grilling  job. All in all, the Dilly Dog is a very special dog and worth the trip to Dilly’s Corner.  I am including the Dilly Dog as one the Top 5 – Best of Bucks Co – Hot Dogs.  I hope you go, give it a try and let me know what you think.

If you have other recommendations for great Hot Dogs here in Bucks Co or elsewhere let us know thru the Reply Box or Comment line at the bottom of this post.

Dilly’s Corner, 2998 River Road, New Hope, PA 18938          (215) 862-5333


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2 Responses to “Is There a Dog in There?”

  1. New Hope Yocal Says:

    Hey Peter,
    Oh I love Dilly’s! They are perfect little spot to grab a nice hot dog or chicken fingers. We go there all the time with the kids. Plus they have ice cream and it just makes it a perfect summer night to enjoy eating there. I have never tried Lenny’s but it sounds like I could pass on it. Thanks for linking to me. I will post yours as well.

    • peterjustason Says:

      Dilly’s is a great place. My guys are older now but I can see what you say about it being kid friendly. Thanks for the link.

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