Dog Days of Summer – Not Quite

Lenny's Hot DogsLast weekend we went on our Memorial Day Weekend Best of Bucks – Burger Search. So this weekend, we thought we would start the Best of Bucks – Hot Dog Top 5 list.  I had gotten some good leads from the Chowhound boards for the burger search so I asked about Hot Dogs and got only one reco, Lenny’s. It was a tentative recommendation but Donna and I decided to drive down to Feasterville to give it a try.  Regular Dog at Lenny'sAccording to the Web site. Lenny’s started in 1935 from a push cart in South Philly and they expanded to a local chain to become a Philly favourite.  The chain fell on hard times leaving the Feasterville store as the only one left. 

Donna went for the Regular Dog with raw onions and their famour sweet pepper hash.  The famous Sweet Pepper Hash turns out to be a dry coleslaw with some sweet peppers diced up into it.  The sweet peppers brought an interesting taste to the coleslaw but some how the write up had us expecting something more.

Lenny's ComboI went for the Lenny’s Combo that my Chowhound friend had recommended, a regular dog with fishcake and the sweet pepper hash on it.  I also had to order the Levis Champ Cherry Soda.   When I ordered I noticed the grill had several dogs of different types and size already grilling but Donna and I were the only people in the store. I have never had a Fishcake on a dog before so it brought a novel taste to the dog.  The waitress said the fishcake was just fish (species?) and potato.  The cake is cooked separately and mounded on top of the grilled dog.  That combo is covered in the sweet pepper hash.  Both Donna and I found the buns to be dry, flaky, old and tended to fall apart as we tried to eat the dog.  The sweet pepper hash tended to drop off as well.  I didn’t think the fishcake brought much to the party as it had very little seasoning. The Levis Champ Cherry Soda was a pleasant surprise with a strong sweet cherry flavour and minimal carbonation making it easy to drink.  I wish they had a sugar free version. Except for the Cherry soda it was a disappointing experience.

Other reviews of Lenny’s are here and here.

Lenny's Hot Dogs on Urbanspoon

Lenny’s Hot Dogs, 606 W Street Rd., Feasterville, PA 19053           215-355-7616

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6 Responses to “Dog Days of Summer – Not Quite”

  1. TwoBellies Says:

    Sorry to read this, my friend. Been a few since I last stopped by. Going to give them a try maybe this week. If it is as reported, I’ll let them know.

    • peterjustason Says:

      Stuff happens. Let me know when you try them again. I was hoping but it just didn’t happen.

  2. kyalmama Says:

    I love Lenny’s their food is great. I go there all yhe time never had a problem. Best hot dogs around.

    • peterjustason Says:

      We must have had a bad experience. Does it matter when to go? Did you eat something different than we had?

  3. Jess Coladonato Says:

    following your blog, good stuff!

  4. Gail Scott Says:

    The Lenny’s Hot Dog’s in Bucks County is not the same owners nor the same family love of the locations on Wadsworth Avenue, South Street and Castor Avenue in the Philadelphia area. One of the best locations, in my opinion, was the store in Margate, NJ. it was on the beach next to Lucy the Elephant. The food was great and open 24/7. Most of the staff enjoyed working there and Lenny paid his employees well. I have never witnessed dry pepper-hash and the combo’s (fish with hot dog on the same roll) were GREAT! Lenny was very hospitable with his customers, often wearing a suit!
    It is so unfortunate that the location in Feasterville, PA has ruined the great history of Lenny’s Hot Dogs!

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