Super Burger at Mike’s

Mikes York Street Bar & Grill
Mike’s York Street Bar & Grill

I extended the Memorial Day Weekend Best of Bucks – Burger Search by one day and went to Mike’s York Street Bar & Grill.  Thanks and shout out to Chowhound TwoBellies for suggesting Mikes.  I went there today and had a very good burger.

Mike's Wings

As an appetizer, I had their wings.  You get about 12 wings in an order with some blue cheese dressing and come celery sticks.  When waitress Donna brought them I could smell the hot sauce aroma coming off the wings and figured I was in for some heat. Wrong, they ended up being the mildest of the all the wings we tasted during the Weekend Burger Search. The skin was soft and hot to touch.  The well cooked wings were good to eat but the missing heat took away from the wing experience.  The Blue Cheese Dressing appeared watery at first but with some stirring it thicken as all the cheese curds we stuck to the bottom of the cup. Even after stirring, the dressing was the most watery of the dressing we tasted this extended weekend. Net-net ok wings but there are better options here and better wings elsewhere.

Mike's Super BurgerOne of the better options here is the Mike’s Super Burger. Of the five burgers offered on the menu, this is their most popular Mike’s according to my waitress Donna. The burger comes with bacon, mushrooms, sautéed onions and Cheddar cheese. The egg-wash coated bun did it best to try and contain the ingredients but several pieces of cheese-coated mushrooms kept sliding out.  They were usually easy to find on top of the generous order of well seasoned fries. LOL and get lots of napkins. 

The burger comes with a steak knife and with Donna’s suggestion I carved the burger in to pieces make the eating easier. The first bite was delicious with the perfectly sauteed onions, cheddar cheese and mushroom forming this triumphant combo of taste, texture and aroma. Just wonderful. The second bite you pick up the crunch and smoke of the bacon. Then the third bite you get the ground beef, cooked to a perfect medium as requested. A great burger and worthy of inclusion on our Best of Bucks – Burger Top 5 list.

Mike’s has also been recognized as Bucks Best Sports Bar and Best Ribs by the local newspaper.  Since I have a Best in Bucks Ribs category, I will have to go back and get me some of them. Until then, please use the comment link or reply box below to suggest other great places in Bucks for me to try and report on.  Thanks again for helping break the 2,000 mark earlier this week.

Mike York's Street Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Mike’s York Street Bar & Grill, 544 York Rd, Warminster, PA 18974               (215) 672-3300


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