PVT – Bucks County Landmark

The Pineville Tavern has been a landmark in Bucks County since 1742 and the place is haunted but the food and fellowship are very good. We visited PVT as part of our Memorial Day Weekend Best of Bucks – Burger search. We have been there many times before and enjoy the ambiance of a country tavern.  It’s really casual there and family friendly.  I always think of Nalts when we go there. Kevin was always a fan of PVT and got us to go there for the first time. Thanks Kevin, you are going to do great doing online video consulting full time. Thanks for introducing us to PVT.

Pineville Tavern Chicken Wings

 Donna and I ordered the PVT Wings as our appetizer.  We had the choice of regular, suicide, plain or BBQ. We went for the regular as it sounded close to Buffalo Wings without the danger of suicide. Waitress Madeline brought the wing order quickly and we dug in.  The wings were mild in heat and skin semi-crispy in texture. The actual chicken flesh was moist and tasted more like roasted chicken than fried chicken.  The wings were accompanied by blue cheese dressing and celery.  That was the “whitest” Blue Cheese dressing I have ever seen.  Madeline said the chef made with sour cream, mayo and blue cheese crumbles. I got to believe there was a lot of sour cream to make the colour so white. The Celery was fresh and crispy, making it easy to find the many pieces of blue cheese in  the dressing.

Pineville Tavern Hamburger with Swiss cheese

For the Memorial Day Burger Search, I ordered the Hamburger with Swiss cheese.  There is only on burger on the menu but you have the choice of adding 4 different cheeses; Swiss, American, Provolone or Cheddar. The burger arrived accompanied with Beefeater Fries and burger garnishes; lettuce, tomato slices, red onions and a dill pickle spear. The actual burger patty was cooked to order – medium and must have weighted 6 oz.  I put the burger together and went for a big bite.  The bite revealed, crunchy onions, pickles and lettuce, sweet tomatoes and Swiss cheese and a moist burger. Although the burger patty was cooked to the correct temp and moist, it came across being a little bland.  I think it needed some seasoning perhaps even just more salt and pepper.  Not terrible but a little of seasoning would have taken this from a good burger to a really great burger.  I hope the chef reads this and makes the adjustment in the next burger I eat there and I am going back for sure.

Mashed Potato Pizza with Cheddar and BaconDonna went for one of the Specials of the Days, Mashed Potato Pizza with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon.  PVT has great daily specials so always check the chalkboards for that day’s specials.  Donna does not like normal Italian pizza but loves potato in any form so she went for it. Waitress Madeline brought the pie along with some Ranch dressing as that’s the way she like the dish when she eats it herself.  Great suggestion Madeline.  The crust was very dense and unfortunatelylooked store bought rather than the normal pizza dough you get  with other PVT pizzas. The pie fillings of mashed potato, cheddar cheese and bacon pieces were simple and straight forward.  Donna enjoyed the fillings but felt the mashed potatoes could have used some garlic, scallions or even parsley to kick the flavours up a bit but the potatoes were well cooked and slightly buttery.  The Ranch Dressing was a great suggestion as the pizza dipped in the dressing was a great combination.  Net-net, when I asked Donna if she would order the pit again she was 100% sure she would.  So a great recommendation from her.

One dish you should try when you go to PVT is the Snapper Soup.  The first time I tried it I didn’t know it was turtle soup.  I doubt I would have ordered it if I knew what it was.  I have a soft spot for turtles since I was a kid. (Any Canadians remember Howard The Turtle from Razzle Dazzle TV show from the 60’s on CBC?)  But don’t let that stop you so try the soup, it’s very good.

So we enjoyed our meal at PVT and will be back. 

The Pineville Tavern, Route 413, Pineville, PA 18946  – (215) 598-3890


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