Memorial Day Weekend Kick Off

Margaritas from scratchI got inspired by Facebook Friend and co-worker Marc’s photo of his kick off Martini to make cocktails here in New Hope. Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer Donna and I decided to make Margaritas.  Margaritas say summer to me because of the freshness of the lime juice, the sunny glow of the tequila and the crushed ice. So here’s how we did.

Margaritas ingridents

I made the margaritas from scratch today rather than opting in for margarita mix.  Donna hand squeezed enough limes to give us about 6 oz of juice.  I chilled the margaritas glasses in ice as I mixed the ingredients together in a shaker glass.  (If anyone needs a cocktail shaker glass let me know I have quite a few from Tuesday night drawings at Cafe Europa.) I used a 2-1-1 ratio of Tequila, Lime Juice and Triple Sec.  A quick stir of the liquids and into the crushed ice glasses.  Once I evened out Donna’s and my glass with the liquid, I floated some Grand Marnier on top and garnished with a slice of lime.  Since Donna and I don’t need any additional salt in our diets we passed on the salt rimmed on the glasses. Your body, your choice.

Guacamole and margaritas

Margaritas also say Mexico to me so to go along with them I made some quick Guacamole.  I mashed three ripe Avocados left over from the Mexican Hold’em Poker Party into a small bowl along with half a finely diced Red Onion. I added a clove of garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro and lime juice to the mashed avocado. I stirred the components to get an even distribution of goodness and plates with some tortilla chips and took the shot to the left.  The guacamole turned out very nice contrast in tastes and textures. The creamy sauce, the smooth chunks of avocados and the crunch of the red onion,  The sweetness of the avocados and tang from the red onion and the tart from the lime juice.  I didn’t use chilies tonight cause I didn’t have them, oh well still turned out well.

Nice start to the weekend, thanks again for the inspiration Marc.


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