Peter and Joe’s Late Night Food Adventure in NYC

I am attending a gathering of health eMarketers in New York City next month.  The meeting organizers are planning a late reception Monday night followed by an early Tuesday morning start to the session. Fellow Facebook Friend and marketer Joe is going to the same meeting so we thought we would plan a Food Adventure in NYC.  So readers what do you suggest we do between 9:00 pm and 8:00 am on a Monday night and Tuesday morning.  We are staying within walking distance of Times Square and the gathering is near Columbus Circle.  I am not that familiar with NYC so please provide addresses. Please use the comment box to suggest NYC Food Adventure for Joe and I.  The location should be photo friendly so we can report back.  Suggest away.


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8 Responses to “Peter and Joe’s Late Night Food Adventure in NYC”

  1. TVFF Says:

    If you’re looking for a good beer bar within a reasonable distance, go with The Ginger Man ( on 36th between Madison and 5th!

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks MJ. Haven’t been to the Ginger Man before.  Any suggestions for late night eats?

      Good luck with the BBQ contest at Endless Simmer.

      • TVFF Says:

        I don’t have a whole lot of late night eats experience in that part of town, mostly because it caters to the theater crowd and high-enders. You’re not too far from Koreatown, which might be worth checking out, especially if you want to mix karaoke with your kimchi. If you’re really adventurous and heading downtown, you know I’m a big fan of Pommes Frites ( My favorite pizza place is downtown, too…Bleecker Street Pizza at 69 Seventh Avenue South.

        – Mike

      • peterjustason Says:

        Kimchi and karoke. Tough to say no to that.

  2. Swati Doshi Says:

    I would recommend grabbing a drink at Landmarc (at Columbus Circle), then heading to a full course meal that you’ll absolutely love at Per Se, after that you can grab a nightcap at the Hudson Hotel – if you’re not digging the dance club/bar area, you can play billiards in the library or head out to the garden for some fresh air. If Per Se is booked, you can always grab dinner at Whymm and people love Landmarc too for dinner (I’m not a huge fan since it’s mainly steak)… Grabbing a drink at the Mandarin Oriental is always worth doing as well (I haven’t been yet but have only heard amazing things!)…. Have fun and I hope to see you while you’re out here! Come have lunch with us at Google!

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks Swati, got to have lunch at Per Se a couple of year back thanks to Google so it maybe time to revisit. Love the geo-targetting suggestions. Will report back what we did.

  3. Amanda Seelig Says:

    It’s hard to get great Greek food in central Jersey so I always take advantage of it when I’m in NYC. In case you aren’t a big fan of Greek I’ll throw in an Indian restaurant as well:
    Avra Estiatorio (141 E 48th btw 3rd and Lexington) – my favorite restaurant in NY, kitchen is open to midnight, outdoor seating but you’ll have to cab it. Good wine list as well with lots of Greek wines
    Uncle Nick’s (747 9th Ave btw 50th & 51st) – great fresh fish, much more casual and basic than Avra, walking distance from Times Square. If you go make sure they debone your fish
    Panna II (93 First Ave btw 5th and 6th) – great indian food, great atmosphere and open to midnight. You will definitely have to cab it but the experience is worth it. Don’t go here if you are clausterphobic and/or want something quiet.

    Good luck!

    • peterjustason Says:

      Great suggestions Amanda. I love Greek food but forgot it on my Food Style survey. I remember going to a Greek restaurant for a company function one Christmas and having the best octopus I have ever had that day. Do either of these Greek restaurant serve octopus?

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