Giant Steaks

As the weather improves and the nights get warmer, I tend to grill more and more.  We grill all year but the warmer weather just makes it a more enjoyable activity.  A couple of nights back, when it wasn’t raining, we decide to fire up the grill. But what to grill? Since it was late, we went to our local grocery store Giant, and picked up some steaks.  I like a nice one inch thick New York Strip with a nice marble of fat flowing thru the meat. (Tell us what cut of steak you like here.)  Sure enough they had some nice choice cuts in the display case and off I went home.  Sometimes you can actually get the prime cut at Giant but that wasn’t happening that day.

BBQ SteakOnce I got home, I prepared a marinade of garlic, teriyaki sauce and ground black pepper.  I let the steaks soak for about an hour in the frig and then brought them out to raise to room temp just before grilling time.  While the steaks were soaking, we took a package of those almost bit-sized potatoes and coated them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and crusted garlic.  In a double layer of foil we place the potatoes and half of a sliced onion.  The foil poach was placed in the hot grill (500 F) on the top rack.  About 20 minutes after the potatoes went in, we started grilling the steaks.  We like our steaks medium rare, which to me means pink in the middle with little or no blood, so I did my usual 12 minute grilling plan that I have been doing for years. It’s pretty simple;  grill 4 minutes, rotate the steak 90 degrees for 2 minutes, turn over grill 4 minutes, rotate 90 degrees for 2 minutes and rest the steak for 5 minutes.  The rotation give you those nice grill marks on the steak and a 1-inch steak at 500 F for 12 minutes should give you medium rare.  And sure enough it did.

We plated the steaks with the grilled potatoes with some tomato slices to garnish and we were very satisfied.  The marinade did the trick  flavouring the meat with the asian flavours of teriyaki and garlic, the sweetness of the onions and the little potatoes picking up the garlic and the olive oil from the coating.  Very simple but very nice.

I am sure we will revisit grilling again soon but in the meantime tell us favourite cut of steak (shameless plug for new poll) and let us know where you like to eat steak in Bucks County (second shameless plug this time for Best of Bucks- Steak comment opportunity).


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3 Responses to “Giant Steaks”

  1. Sherman Says:

    Ah yes, a NY Strip, my favourite cut of meat! Yes, I do the 90 degree thing on the grill too. What grill do you use?

  2. TVFF Says:

    Good point on bringing up the temperature before cooking. It makes a world of difference when you’re using high-temperature cooking methods like one of my year-round faves, pan seared in my nicely seasoned cast iron.

    Strip is probably my fave, the but the marbling you can get in a good ribeye has me going that route lately.

    • peterjustason Says:

      My mom gave me a large cast iron frying pan from back when she was still running the restaurant and it’s very well seasoned. I love pulling it out for steak au poivre.

      I hope you did the Cut of Steak poll but I must admit my second favourite cut is the T-bone. The ribeye is a great cut usually coming the marble you commented on but I enjoy the T-bone. It’s two cuts of steak in one and being so close to the bone the flavour seems to benefit from that.

      I think Sid, Adeline, Donna and I are scheduled to go to Peter Luger Night at the local golf course dinning room in June so I will have another chance to write about steak then.

      Thanks for the comment, keep them coming.

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