Delicious Scientific Communication

Cafe EmiliaCo-worker and Global Marketing Leader Gary and I met for lunch with Alice and Charlie from a UK Scientific Communications agency today.  The shop talk was good but the food was delicious.

Cafe Emilia is an upscale Italian restaurant conveniently located to our office and despite that I don’t go there enough.  They have all the classic Italian dishes but I generally go with the specials of the day.  Today was no exception as I ordered the salad of the day, the pasta of the day and finally the fresh fruit of the day.

Cafe Emilia Salad

 The salad of the day was a Jersey Tomato salad. For my Canadian readers, New Jersey is famous for it’s tomatoes and it a big deal down here when the new crop starts to arrive.  Cafe Emilia’s special salad had two thick Jersey tomato slices covered with crispy shredded endive, thinly sliced cucumbers, freshly grated Parmigiana cheese and finally some ground black pepper.  The dressing was a light lemon vinaigrette that complemented the crispy fresh veggies.  The actual slices of tomato were thick and meaty matching well with the light dressing a crispy veggies.

Pasta at Cafe EmiliaThe pasta of the day was rotini with scallops and calamari in a pink vodka sauce.  The perfect sized lunch portion dish was delicious.  I still remember that when the dish arrived at the table is was like a ocean breeze flowing over me.  There were plenty of calamari rings that weretender and juicy not rubbery as they often get.  The scallop chunks were also skillfully cooked making them sweet and just dense enough to know you are eating scallops.  The pasta was just how I like it, just past el dente but still firm enough for the pasta to maintain the shape. The pink vodka sauce, I think it always looks orange to me, was sweet with a slight tomato taste match well but not over coming the sweet scallops and calamari.  A classic combination for me and a recommendation for you.

Strawberries at Cafe Emila'sMan did I show some huge amount of self-control! LOL. Cafe Emilia had a dessert tray that was four levels high with just about every cake I could name.  They also have those great fruit shaped sherbets that only a few top end Italian restaurants still offer. A real old school dessert but I went with fresh fruit of the day.  It still amazes me that with all those great cakes and desserts I went for strawberries. My PA is going to be so proud of me.  Actually the strawberries were very tasty and obviously freshly cut up.

All in all, a delicious meal and we had some great shop talk.  Thanks to table mates Alice, Charlie and Gary for putting up with my picture taking during the meal.  I hope they get to read this as I enjoyed their conversation as much as the meal.  Thanks again guys.

 Cafe Emilia, 705 US Highway 202, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 (908) 429-1410


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