Survey Says II

Currently I have four different food polls running on the blog to capture the readers’ input.  This post will summarize the results todate.  If you haven’t given your opinion yet, you can still do that but once  you vote, the software drops a cookie so you can only vote on that poll again.

My first poll asked about your Favourite Food Style and current leader is Italian followed by Japanese and Comfort. As of 11:00 tonight there are 21 votes.  Italian makes sense to me and I think Japanese is being driven by sushi but I think Comfort food was a bad choice in the survey because it could be comfort food in any style rather than what I thought comfort food was when I orginally labeled the choice (lots of mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and tomato soup, etc).  Let us know what you think is your choice of comfort food in the reply box below or the comment link at the bottom of the post.

The second poll asked about your Favourite Sandwich and the current leader is the Hamburger followed by the Hot Dog. With 43 votes cast perhaps the first and second place finishers were not really in doubt but what about third place?  A surprise with the Rueben sandwich beating out the Philly Cheesesteak for third place.  Where is your pride Philly folks?  The poll continues so if you haven’t voted you can still vote.

The current Favourite Salad leader is the Ceasar Salad.  I may have influenced the decision with my posting on my recipe for Ceasar Salad on the blog. LOL.  Second and third place was tied for the Waldorf salad and the Tossed/Green salad. With only 18 votes the salad catagory is wide open for more votes so click here to have your opinion heard. 

So far the Favourite Food Holiday is Thanksgiving. Not really surprising when you considering that the holiday is almost entirely focused around food with almost not religious cermonies getting in the way so that all people can participate.  Second place was Christmas and third place was a tie with virtually every remaining holidays I put in the poll. To be fair this was the last poll I creates so the number of votes was very small. So vote for your favourite holiday at this post.

Thanks for participating with the different polls. I hope you continue to particpate as I add addition polls. Facebook Friend and Advertising buddy Emily has given me ideas for future polls so a shout out for that.  I am also interested in what others would think would be interesting polls, so use the Comment Link below or the Reply Box to make suggestions.

I am also collecting suggestions for the Best of Bucks in different categories. If you have a favourite restaurant here in Bucks County, that does a special job on any of the categories let me know thru the Reply Boxes or the Comment link at the bottoms of the posts or pages.


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