Wow! Over 1,000 Views

It just happened a few minutes ago, Peter’s Food Adventures just broke the 1,000 views barrier. So thanks to all that took the time to read my ramblings about the food in my life.  It’s actually been fun writing this and I hope it’s been enjoyable reading and photos.

Special shout out to all my Facebook Friends that have made up the most of the views but I also want to recognize the views that have come from Endless Simmer and Sherman’s Food Adventures ( Gotta love that name) blogs. 

I am amazed that this happened. I have been doing the blog for just 28 days so the blog is averaging 35 almost 36 views a day.  I am not sure if a view is the same as visit but I do know that the analytics engine doesn’t count my views otherwise the total would have doubled at least. LOL

So tell me what else you would like me to write about, do polls on or add Best of Bucks places to my Top 5 lists.  Comments and replies help me make the blog better, so thanks for any input and thanks most of all for reading the blog.

On to the next 1,000 views.



4 Responses to “Wow! Over 1,000 Views”

  1. TVFF Says:

    Congrats, and we at are happy to be helping out a little bit. Keep up the great work and you’ll look back and laugh about 1000 views as you cruise past much larger totals!

    Mike (TVFF)

  2. Sherman Says:

    Congrats! Trust me, this is only the beginning, keep it up and it’ll continue to rise!!!

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