Pork Wings

Earlier this week I attended a digital marketing course with a co-worker who had recently relocated to Doylestown from Mississippi.  Naturally the conversation moved to food and I asked him what food he missed since he moved north.  Being a true southern gentleman, he said he missed his mother’s and mother-in-law’s cooking the most.  I pressed further and he admitted missing BBQ. Since I lived in South Carolina and was introduced to BBQ down there I could see how he could be missing that.  I know Mississippi BBQ is different than Carolina BBQ in terms of flavours and sauces but the experiences are similar.  So when I asked where he went for BBQ around Bucks County he surprised me by describing a “real pit” BBQ  just up Route 313 beyond Dublin. He said they were only open for about four hours on Saturday so go early.

Big Bob's BBQ Pit

So when a man from Mississippi tells you where to go for BBQ, you go and today we went.  It was really worth the trip. Straight up Rt. 313 from Doylestown, past the Dublin Star Diner, past Dublin, make a left at the Wawa and take 113 for about four miles til you reach Blooming Glen Pork and Catering.  I almost don’t want to give the directions so that I can keep this to myself but once again I give some much for my craft. LOL.   The Moyer Family operates Big Bob’s BBQ Pit each Saturday but have a retail store Wednesday to Saturday that offers a complete suite of pork related products.  There is a great deal of heritage with the family owned business that started in 1856 and included a run in the famous Philadelphia Reading Market until 1997.

Big Bob's BBQ Pit MasterWe got there shortly after 12:00 and the Pit was going hot.  The staff was kind enough to let me go out back and take a photo of the actual pit and some ribs.  The pit master warned me the pit was running hot today at about 300 degrees F and not to get burned.  He was also curious as to why someone wanted to take photos of food.  I am starting to get that more often but I am enjoying it too much not just to explain the blog thing and offer a link to the site for them to read about themselves and their food.  The smoke coming from the pit along with caramelizing sauces made the trip out back worth the trip.  I think the wood burning had some apple-wood in it but could get that confirmed before  it was our turn to order.

Big Bob BBQ Pit MenuBut what to order? It all looked great and prices were decent, actually great prices considering the quality of the product being served to the patrons in the line in front of us.  Donna and I couldn’t make up our minds so we got the staff to create a sample pack for us.  A little bit of everything.  We ended up getting some pulled pork, Texas BBQ beef, half a rack of pork ribs, a pork roll sandwich and a set of pork wings.  Wait,  pork wings? Yip pork wings.

Pulled Pork at Big Bob's BBQ Pit

Big Bob’s BBQ Pit serves an excellent pulled pork that is moist and flavourful. You have the option of three different homemade sauces, Carolina (mustard -vinegar based), Old Fashion (sweet tomato) and Cajun (spicy tomato based) to go with your pulled pork.  But what are those pork wings? 

BBQ products

Come to find out they come from the pork shoulder and they were very nice.  You can see them in the bottom left of the combo food photo. Although even though they look like chicken wings they actually tasted like a BBQ ham.  The meat was so tender almost falling off the single ham bone. Very nice. Definitely a recommendation if you take the trip to Big Bob’s.

The third treat at Big Bob’s was the pork ribs.  We purchased a half a rack of the pit smoked ribs and they were the best ribs I have had since leaving South Carolina in the early 80’s.

Big Bob's BBQ RibsThis photo shows the classic smoke ring on the rib that all the BBQ shows on the Food Network point to during the judging sessions.  You should also be able to see the moisture on the inside and the bark on the outside also classic signs of a great rib.  The bark usually comes from the carmelization of a dry rub but I couldn’t get the staff to reveal the rub ingredients. The meat of the rib has a great mouth feel, not falling off the bone but rather a moist soft sweet meat.  The addition of one of the three homemade sauces make this rib a contender for best rib ever.

Big Bob’s also sells homemade corn bread to complete the BBQ experience. I have found corn bread to be dry but their freshly baked bread was flavourful and moist reminding me of the corn bread Derrick use to make and bring to our group’s summer picnics at Diane’s.  We did learn that it was Naylon that was making the corn bread so Derrick was “out-ted”.

So the combination of BBQ delights made for a great lunch myself, Donna and the boys with left overs for a snack later today.  BTW I found out that Big Bob’s BBQ Pit is open 10-4, so six hours not four but I would go early as we arrived a little after 12:00 and they were already out of half chickens. Bottom line – Great BBQ.

I think I will add a Best of Bucks – BBQ page and put Big Bob’s at the top.  If you have suggestions for other places in Bucks County or other places please use the comment link or the reply box to let me know where they are.

Blooming Glen Pork and Catering, 1248 Rt 113, Blooming Glen, PA 18911  215-257-2710


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9 Responses to “Pork Wings”

  1. Sherman Says:

    Peter, I love BBQ. As you may know, there is not a lot of authentic BBQ up in Canada. I need to make a roadtrip south! Funny how I was actually munching on ribs when I was reading this post! I had just made some on the grill.

    • peterjustason Says:

      If you get near Philly, let me know I can show you around.

      The BBQ was great.  The wood burning pit and great pork made the difference. There is nothing like it. Did the photos capture the great ribs?

      • Sherman Says:

        Yes, the ribs are so meaty. Also, the slow cooking seems to have prevented a lot of shrinkage of the meat. I bet it was tender…

      • peterjustason Says:

        You’re right they were very that tender.  What did you think of the idea of pork wings?  I have never seen them before and they were very nice.

      • Sherman Says:

        The pork wings seems like a novel idea. I wonder if it’ll catch on. The good thing about pork is that if you cook it long enough it’ll be tender and oh-so-tasty!

      • peterjustason Says:

        Before yesterday, I had never heard of them but I did a Google search and found multiple places selling them and people commenting on them. After eating them I could see why.

  2. Puck1pa Says:

    Thanks for stopping by the BBQ Pit, we enjoyed having you. Pork wings are a novel idea, they actually are a trimmed down ham shank, seasoned and slow cooked. We take great pride in all the foods we prepare, from scrapple to Spiral Sliced Honey Glazed hams. We do all of our own smoking in the backof our shop, stop by sometime. Thanks again, Mark

  3. speakerjim Says:

    Thanks for discussing BBQ which I believe to be the point at the top of the “Food Pyramid.” In my world it’s #1 on the comfort food list.

    • peterjustason Says:

      Thanks for the comment. Any place you would like to recommend? What makes up a good BBQ feast for you?

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