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Over the last couple of days I have been all over NJ and New York City.  Wednesday I went into the city to meet with agency folks doing some very cool stuff with social media on the web and even the Facebook work for Anthony Bourdain and the Hungry for More application.  After a great meeting I ended up at our NYC office having lunch with two co-workers.  The cafeteria on the 8th floor offers many options but I always go for their sushi since it’s fresh and always tasty.


 This sushi combination plate offers eight different sushi choices for $9.50.  In this combo the classic California Rolls and Spicy Tuna Rolls are paired with (going right to left) tuna, clam. salmon, egg, white fish and shrimp sushi.  A very nice combo that include enough soy sauce, ginger and wasabi to complete my sushi experience.  I have grown to love sushi over the years and this combo is a nice sample of what to like.  For the Spicy Tuna Rolls, the combination of the sweet tuna and heat from the spices goes well with the rice and seaweed wrap.  Dipping these into the soy and wasabi dressing that I created makes this an enjoyable bite. The California Roll offers interesting combinations of textures and flavours.  The fake crab in the California Rolls provides flavour in this roll along with the avocado and cucumbers, nori and sushi rice.  The very fresh fish dipped in the wasabi and soya sauce bring interesting taste  to my mouth.  For each fish you can taste the tuna, salmon, white fish, shrimp and clam along with heat of wasbi and salt of soya.  I find the egg an interesting addition to the combination and would not thing about fish and egg as a “normal” combo but the delecately cooked egg dipped in the wasabi laced soya sauce is actually very nice with taste of the egg coming thru the strong flavours of soya and wasabi.

I updated my Facebook page with this photo and almost immediately got a responses from several of my friends on how good the food looked and how they wanted to learn more about where I got the dish.  It maybe a timing issue since I posted the photos as my friends were about to go to lunch.

Mustang SallyAfter a great day of work, and that maybe difficult to says these days, I met my poker buddy Erika at Mustang Sally’s.  Mustang Sally’s is just a few blocks from our offices and on the way to Penn Station so it worked for both us since we both live in Pennsylvania.  I am still new to the New York Bar scene so I am now judge of how Mustang Sally’s ranks compares to others bars but I will comment on the food.  After quizzing our wait staff Erika and I ordered the beef quesadilla, chicken wings (medium) and vegatable dumplins.  The quesadilla was very tasty with the sour cream, tortilla, pico do gallo and spicy meat and cheese.  The chicken wings had some good heat but not too much, a flavourfull sauce and good portion size.  The dumplins with ginger sauce were bland and gummy.  The ginger sauce did make them editable but I would not order them again.  I did like the staff at Mustang Sally because they were attentive and responsive to my questions.

 Princeton Wine                                                                                                                                                                         

Thursday, I attended a session at the Innovation Lab series sponsored by Compass Healthcare agency on mobile marketing in Princeton.  It was an all day session of how healthcare companies like mine can change their stategies to take advantange of how consumers and healthcare professionals are using their mobile phones to increase the awareness and ultilization of our healthcare offerings.  It was a great meeting and the team from Compass did a great job of runing the meeting and making it interesting.  After the meeting they sponsored a reception at Mediterra, a great restaurant in Princeton.  In fact it was at Mediterra that I had my first meal with my boss Heidi, her husband Paul and co-worker Jon. I remember it as a great meal and a great start to my career in the United States.

The night at Mediterra was in a private room off the main bar with the attendees from the  Mobile Marketing session so it was a great way to get to meet the attendees.  It was a great private room with lots of light and an attentive wait staff serving great wine and draft beer.  The hosts selected three different bruschetta tp be passed during the reception.  The three choices included Gasbanzo beans & prosciutto; Olive tapenade & warm brie and Mushroom and taruffo. Each of the apetizers were tasty and served hot but for me unfortuately the they were all different examples of brushetta, way too much bread, cheese and oil.  This is hard for me because I don’t want to disrespect the host for the respection but they basically ordered three of the same thing.  It would have been nice to have a mix of three differnet aps.  I did like the mushroom and taruffo bread the best as the truffle oil on the mushrooms was very tasty and an nice contrast to the other breads that had too much cheese on them.  I hate doing a negative review but it is what it is.  I don’t think this reflects so much on the restaurant mut rather on the not thinking thru the options and how they work together.

Mediterra, 29 Hulfish St, Princeton, NJ 08542,           (609) 252-9680

A great couple of days but I hope the readers still take time to participate in the sandwich and salad polls if you haven’t already.   Thanks and leave any comments below.






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