Salad Days*

Tuesday was another Salad Day for me.  For lunch I had the salad special at Old Man Rafferty’s and unfortunately  forgot my camera.  The special was a scallop and mango salad over fresh greens.  The colours of the veggies, fruit and scallops would have bounced very nicely in the photo.  The highlight of the salad was the scallops which were pan fried with some freshly ground pepper and then cut into two pieces.  Well cooked scallops have a soft consistency, but not rubbery as you often get, and a sweet taste that in this case matched well with ground pepper.  The greens of the salad were fresh and crispy but the pieces were larger than I like.  The addition of the mango to cucumbers, shaved carrots and red onions to the greens completed the salad.  The addition of the light oil and vinager dressing made this salad a complete meal for lunch.  The salad was also a good deal at $9.

For supper I had the Antipasto Maltese at Cafe Europa.  All this salad is starting to make me think I have caught something from my vegan friend Kara but thank goodness these salad haves meat and cheese. Whew. LOL. Antipasto Maltese is a local take on a classic antipasto and very tasty.  Phil makes his namesake antipasto using a nice combination of cold cuts and crispy veggies.  The meats are pepperoni, imported ham and capicolla, the cheese is provolone and the veggies include romain lettuce, black olives, yellow onions and green peppers. The salad is dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  The portion size is very nice as you can see and like several time before I couldn’t eat it all.

Atipasto Maltese

In writing this I just realized that this salad is very simaliar to the Grinder Europa but with the exception of pepperoni and addition of tomatoes.  No wonder I like both of these, they are pretty much the same item.  Cool, I never noticed that before.

I seem to be on a roll with Sheakspeare references this week. ” Salad Days”* also comes from Julius Caesar as well so I got use the same play for two food posts this week. Check out my Casear Salad post.

Frequest reader and poker buddy Polina suggested I create a poll to determine you favourite salad so follow the link to the salad survey. Shout out to Polina.

Tuesday is the night that Carolyn creates her drink specials.  This night it was burbon based drinks and although I usually have my ManhattanManhattan with Canadian Club or Crown Royal the burbon version was decent.  The Manhattan is basically wiskey, sweet vermouth and a cherry.  Smooth. You got to watch these as they sneek up on you but a very fine classic cocktail.  The other drink special was the margaritas.  Carolyn makes her with a 2-1-1 tequila, triple sec and lemon juice mixture.  Since we are getting close to Cinqo de Mayo, I plan to do a post on margaritas next week but Donna did enjoy her cocktail.

Cocktails and salad, an interesting mix but for some reason it was working for me that night.  I hope you enjoyed the post and you will suggest you favourite salad in the poll or in the reply box below.


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One Response to “Salad Days*”

  1. Polina Says:

    scallops & mango??? one of my favorite seafood & #1 favorite fruit? who knew…

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