Only in Miami is Cuba so far away

I have been a Bette Midler fan since my undergraduate days at Acadia University and she does a great song about the Cuban exPats missing Cuban and living in Miami on her “Best of ” album.  One of the ways you get to know a culture or community is to experience it’s food.  To know the Cuban community you should try the Cuban Sandwich.  I never had a Cuban Sandwich until I visited the Sunshine State in a few years back on a corporate assignment. 

Tonight I had to go directly from work to poker so I decided to eat at the bar again (like that never happend before).  It was a good night cause Triumph was hosting the Wood Brothers at that bar tonight so they decided to increase the usual $6 Bar Menu items from the usual six items to ten differnt items.  One of the additional items was the Mini Cuban Sandwich.  Given my sameless promotion of the sandwich poll I decided to go with it.  (Go ahead new readers choose three sandwiches types). Mini Cuban Sandwich

Tonight’s sandwich a mini version of the classic Cuban Sandwich actually was very tasty.  I am a big fan of presentation and was disappointed when the dish arrived.  Once again it was only $6 but I think the staff could do better with the presentation.  The photo above is my attempt at making the sandwich looking better but the chef should have done better.  The good news it tasted very good.  Most impressive was the soft thin moist pita bread  that contained a moist roast pork, swiss cheese, ham and pickels with a light coating of mustard.  The sandwich came with the homemade chips which I am already a big fan of.  Other than the need to work on the presentation the sandwich was tasty and good value.


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2 Responses to “Only in Miami is Cuba so far away”

  1. Sherman Says:

    Yes, the classic Cuban sandwich. Unfortunately there are not too many places we can get one of those up here. I should’ve gotten one when I was in Miami. You are right, the sandwich looks uninspired. Thank goodness it tasted ok.

  2. peterjustason Says:

    Thanks Sherman, it almost seem this place doesn’t care about presentation and since people often eat with their eyes I don’t get why they don’t spend more attention to it.

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