Survey Says….

Italian. My first blog survey top choice on what the readers’ favourite food type is Italian.  Not really surprizing to me given the popularity in both the USA and Canada.  Pizza alone could have driven that top choice. What was interesting to me was the second and third place results, Japanese and Comfort.  I think that sushi is driving the Japanese choice but what could be driving the comfort food choice? Mac ‘n Cheese, soups, stews, Mom’s cooking. Let me know in the comments sections what comfort food means to you and your favorite comfort food dish.

I also got a write in vote for Greek food which I like too and had forgotten.  For one of Donna’s birthdays we went for Greek food in Hamilton, Ontario and had a great time with bad wine, belly dancers and breaking plates .  The food was good too but that’s another blog.

The survey choices are starting to look like the United Nations but that’s ok since it reflect the many choices we have and how it’s now common to explore all kinds of cusine. So far the survey received 17 votes so I am going to keep the food type survey going and check in as I hopefully get more readers to share their opinions.

Hamburger.  There is actually more action at the favourite sandwich poll.  With 27 votes the current leader is hamburger and once again not surprising given the tonage of hamburgers that are eaten every day in both countries. Hot Dog, the number 2 choice, makes sense as well for the same reasons.  Although I am interested in where you can get the best hot dog around here so please add suggestions to the comment section. Third place is a tie for the French Dip, Falafel and Reuben sandwiches. I love the French Dip sandwich at Perkins in Doylestown but I bet there are other place that do it well.  Polina’s fav sammy is the Falafel and I should have tried one yesterday at Evelyn’s but I didn’t. The Rueben I reserve for trips into NYC and going to one of the famous delis. I have done Katz, Carnagie and Stage deli and can’t decide which one I like the best so that will require more field trips. Let me know if you want to join me.

I love the comments. To me this one way to see if I am engaging the readers and I get to hear about more food. Thanks Polina for the wrap addition and the Falafel shout out.  Ann, your sandwich and pickle sound great and I need to find out where I can try them.  Mary Ann’s review of the Sandwich Nazi is too much and almost a flash back for Seinfeld fans.

I am going to keep the sandwich poll going for a while longer so the new readers hopefully will participate and we can get some new insights.

My next survey will be about favourite Food Holiday but I won’t promote that until we get closer to Cino de Mayo. Doesn’t Cino de Mayo sound like a food holiday or at least a sandwich with mayo.

Keep those votes coming in.  As they say in Chicago, Vote Early and Vote Often.


One Response to “Survey Says….”

  1. Polina Says:

    yay, another shouout & I’m not all all surprised that Italian came in 1st, followed by Japanese (one of my top 3)

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