Triumphant Part Too

Monday night is my regular Texas Hold’em Night at Triumph in New Hope.  Since I was not that hungry when I arrived I decide to go with the $6 Bar menu and had it down to two choices the Quesadilla or the Rosemary Shrimp. Both sounded very good from the menu descriptions but when I asked the wait staff for a recommendation, it was like a no brainer to not order the shrimp.

Rosemary Shrimp

The Rosemary Shrimp appetizer came with four well cook tender shrimp, two pieces of garlic toast and a buttery garlic-rosemary sauce. The matching of garlic and shrimp is a natural but what was missing, but not really, was the rosemary.  The dish didn’t really need the rosemary,  it’s just perhaps named incorrectly.  I also thought the dish could actually use less total sauce as it arrived a little soupy with toast pieces half soaked in sauce.  I like to dredge the sauce with garlic toast but that already done for me.  Minor points for sure when it’s the overall flavour and proper cooking that make the most of any dish. 

Part Too of the evening was a end-of-service conversation with Megan, Triumph’s Chef and River Pete, Chef at Centerbridge Inn and poker playing buddy of mine.  We compared each others’ Last Meals and need for best ingredients.   One of the highlights of the conversation was that both Megan and River Pete felt they made the best hollandaise sauce.  This lead to the Hollandaise Sauce Throwdown Challenge that I have to figure out how to do.  So good readers share your ideas on what the Throwdown Challenge would look like.  I am thinking creating three dishes featuring the sauce, three judges and a contest winner.  Any one up for being a judge or what the three dishes might be?

One of my Blogroll links goes to the Gourmet Foodie Blog where Ryan has recently captured the difficulty of Hollandaise and provided a recipe for articokes – Should this be the Hollandaise Sauce Throwdown?


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5 Responses to “Triumphant Part Too”

  1. Ann Fagan Says:

    Be nice with salmon, tender chicken breast, poached egg, or asparagus.
    No expert but would give it a go if no-one else steps in.

    From the photo I’d say the shrip would be better served in a small dish with toasted bread on the side, to dip if you choose.

  2. peterjustason Says:

    Thanks Ann, I agree the shrimp would have better in the dish with the toast on the side. The three choices we did discuss was Eggs Benedict, poached salmon and asparagus so other than the chicken breast we thinking the same thing.

    Still looking for judges and other ideas so let me know if you want to participate.

  3. Ann Fagan Says:

    I don’t mind, I love asparagus, I love poached salmom, but I’ll let you into a secret, I have never had Eggs Benedict…ever

  4. Grace Grillo Says:

    Peter! If there is any sort of food content in which you need a judge. Let me know. That is probably my dream job!

  5. Grace Grillo Says:

    Whoops CONTEST! Damn computers can’t read my mind!

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