Sub, Hoagie, Cheesesteak or Grinder? At Cafe Europa it’s the Grinder

Although Phil and his staff make a very fine cheesesteak, chicken parm and hoagie, my sandwich of choice at Cafe Europa is the Grinder Europa.  This bad boy comes with three kinds meat (Genoa salami, capicolla and imported ham), provolone cheese, fresh veggies, oil and balsamic dressing all on a toasted roll.

Europa Grinder

The Grinder Europa’s magic is in the contrast of textures, tastes and temperatures.  The crisp and crunch of the veggies and bread contrasting to the cheese slices and cold cuts.  The sour of the balsamic, sweetness of the tomatoes, the tang of the onions and the savory of the meats.  The cold veggies on the toasted bread, meats and cheese. It’s a complete sandwich for the senses.

The sandwich is also a good value.  Last night I couldn’t finish this one and often have brought half a sandwich home. So for $6.99 it’s a good deal

In addition to fine sandwiches Cafe Europa serves excellent pizza and full menu of Italian dishes.  Be sure to say hi to Phil and Sandy if you go in person.

Check out free Texas Hold’em Poker on Tuesday Nights and ask Carolyn about her drink specials. 

Cafe Europa Trattoria,  Logan Square, New Hope,  PA 215-862-9600


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