Worth the Wait – Ricotta Polenta Pie

Ricotta Polenta PieThe first thing I noticed was how flaky and light the pie crust was.  I picked up a flake and tasted the sweetness.  This was going to be good and sure enough it was.  The recipe in Gourmet magazine is usually enough to get your attention but this was worth the wait from Easter Saturday.

My first piece of this flaky, delicious pie

My first piece of this flaky, delicious pie

I expected a cheesecake like consistency but the filling was less dense when I cut pieces for Donna and me.  As I cut, the crust flaked again providing opportunities to pre-test the crust – a good sign from any pie.  The slices revealed  the ricotta and polenta filling as well as pieces of apricots I forgot were in the recipe.  

Donna hates polenta so her excitement for the pie was not as high as mine. She was willing to try a piece for me so we both went in.  For both of us, we tasted a lemony cream filling that was very satisfying and surprising (at least to Donna).  The pie had a nice mixture of lemony filling, bits of apricot and that flaky sweet crust.  As I ate mine, crumbs accumulated on my plate more testimony of the flaky crust but I mopped them up with the filling ensuring nothing went to waste.

Ricotta Polenta Pie

Ricotta Polenta Pie

So far the Ricotta Polenta Pie has created the most interest on this blog and it was worth the interest. For your own adventure with the Ricotta Polenta Pie visit the Crossroad Bake Shop

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