Bambi Elephant Please

Work took me to the Raritan, NJ area this morning and since I work there for about five years I remembered Thai Kitchen for lunch.  It’s just down the road from where I was visiting.  I found this ironic since the poll I created yesterday didn’t include Thai as a choice (take the poll if you haven’t) 

Not much had chanced in this shopping center eaterysince my last visit a couple of months back .  The restaurant turns tables quickly but keeps customers coming back with good food, quick service and good value.  For $12 including a 20% tip, I got a delicious a crispy Thai Egg Roll, Shrimp Pad Thai and a Thai Ice Tea.

Pad Thai, Thai Spring Roll and Thai Ice Tea = $12

Pad Thai, Thai Spring Roll and Thai Ice Tea = $12


The lightly fried Thai Egg Roll contained cabbage, glass noodles and carrots.  It was served with a gentle sweet and sour sauce.  The Pad Thai was a delite with nice mixtures of hot smooth Thai rice noodles and cold crispy bean sprouts, crunchy peanuts and turnips along with soft tofu and egg. I choose shrimp, rather than chicken, pork or squid, to complete the dish.  The waiter did ask me how hot I liked it.  The menu had a scale of one to five very red elephants.  Given I come from the Great White North and haven’t built up a good tolerence to heat even after 8 years in the USA, I went for one Elephant. The waiter suggested I go for a”Bambi Elephant”.  LOL but I went for it.  In retrospect I think I could handle a whole Elephant or even two (big day for me).


If you are in the Raritan/Bridgewater be sure to check out the Thai Kitchen.

Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Thai Kitchen – Somerset Shopping Center (US Highways 202/206) Bridgewater, NJ 08807 908-722-8983


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One Response to “Bambi Elephant Please”

  1. Ann Fagan Says:

    I looked yesterday at your poll, and because I fancied Thai or Indian got stuck on the rest, wonderd why you’d missed them from your list.
    You make the Thai food sound mouth watering.
    My Fav in the Chiang Mai Cuisine on Fayette st in Conchy. Its a BYOB and M-F lunch is 3 course for $7.95 and its always well worth the drive. I like the Crispy Fried Dumplings (the best ever) Tom Yum soup and Chiken Green Curry. Their Pad Thai is one of the best Iv’e ever had.

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