Dinner with Sid and Adeline

It’s a Wednesday but when Sid suggested we go out for dinner, I was up for it.  Cid and Adeline have great storied from all their travels and experiences so if the food matched the levels of the stories Donna and I were in for a good night.  It was our second visit to Villaggio in Peddler’s Village so we knew we would have a good meal. 

Villaggio's Wednesday Special

Villaggio's Wednesday Special

This BYOB has many of the classic Italian dishes but puts their own spin on them.  Donna and I split the Insalata Di Arance alla Siciliana, Adeline had the Insalata Di Cesare and Sid had the soup of the day,  Pasta Fagioli.  Our salad was very refreshing with fresh crisp greens matching well with the juicy orange slices and the olive oil dressing.  It was very good, so good, I had seconds and actually took home the left overs from the mega portion severed to us.  Adeline’s salad was classic but missing the anchovies.  That was OK with Adeline as she was not a fan of the salty little fishes. Donna and I shared this salad on our first visit and it was very good, not as good as mine but who could match that. LOL.  Sid’s soup, was very rich and had that great bean flavour you appreciate in chosing that soup.  The soup was very filling and a great choice when it’s the special.

For mains, Adeline had the Maelanzasa Al Forno, Donna had the Chicken Francese,  Sid had the Wednesday special Brasciola and I had the Chicken Pulcinella.  I was amazed at the amount of pasta Adeline and Sid got with their dishes and Donna and I didn’t receive any.  Both Adeline and Sid were happy with the rich red sauce that came with al dente pasta.  Adeline’s eggplant was well cooked and well Chicken Pulcinellamatched to the pasta.  Sid’s beef fillet stuffed with mozza and parma cheeses. He opted out of the roasted peppers that usually come with dish. Donna’s chicken was moist within the light batter and white wine lemon sauce. My roasted chicken with cheese, asparagus, basil and white wine was delicious.  Donna and I both had roasted potatoes and mixes veggies to complete our mains.  I always find the veggies the main indicator of chef’s skills.  I think veggies are tough to cook because most chef’s focus on the proteins and starches leaving the veggies to a narrow window to co them al dente and not over cook them.  Tonight the chef nailed our veggies along with the proteins and starches.  Well done.  In addition to the great food, the service was attentive and easily handed the extra request we gave them. 

Chicken FranceseAll in all a good night, great stories (as always) and great food.

Villaggio, 5861 York Road, Lahaska, PA 18931 – 215-794-2777


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